With the current trend, people often choose large size floor tiles to make rooms look bigger, less circuity.

§ Room from 15 m2 or more, you can use 60 × 60 cm size floor tiles to help the room look larger and more modern

§ For non-square rooms (rooms with distortion) can be overcome by tiling rectangular tiles of size 30 × 60 or 40 × 80, paving will cover some defects and save costs (cut some bricks than)
§ First of all, don’t let your interest or impressions of a new pattern overwhelm but consider which is appropriate for your home.

§ Small rooms (bedrooms) should not use too large floor tiles, they do not enhance the luxury but also make the room as small.

§ For rooms with narrow space, few doors, lack of light, it is recommended to use less patterned and light-colored tiles with appropriate sizes according to the area. Do not use ceramic tiles with patterned, unclear colors, often causing eye pain.

§ Garden houses, which can be paved with natural and rough bricks, in the form of villas can use fake stone tiles, vertical nail tiles, gravel concrete or ceramic flakes to be shaped on a cement floor.

§ Normally a safe option is to use the same type of bricks for all indoor spaces, however, if based on the function of use, the width of each room can use effect bricks. Different surface and specifications.

§ The bedroom should be tiled with a moderate level of smoothness, the pattern is not too picky, there are many patterns and colors. Meanwhile, the living room is the place that allows you to show off all your fussy, sophisticated aesthetic.

§ Rooms with lots of wheeled furniture should not be paved with tiles or are too lumpy which can cause difficulty in movement and easy to scratch the enamel.

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