Choosing tiles or tiles is the first thing to do and is very cautious. There is no single brick for all purposes, derived from practical market needs that have diversified the product categories for each particular purpose.

– Tiles: Granite has many types and sizes.

– Decorative wall tiles: Granite of many types and sizes.

 Thereby you should consider the purpose of each type of product to use properly and best.
– Translucent glazed granite tiles: Good bending strength, due to homogeneous bricks, they have eternal color fastness, abrasion resistance, very suitable when used both in public places (halls, offices, houses Railway station, hospital …)

– Granite patterned tiles: A unique combination of granite tiles and ceramic tiles, the surface is decorated with diverse textures and colors, creating a sense of natural materials, due to being processed printed on existing equipment. Creating each surface with different points, good bending strength, good friction, suitable for all purposes used for wall and floor tiles.

– Glass polished granite tiles: luxurious, shiny, with good bending strength, color and luster with eternal durability, the four sides of the polished bricks should have a very standard and uniform size, suitable for surface tiles. money or paving including public places (halls, offices, train stations, hospitals …).

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